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According to SCORE, ( businesses fail for many reasons.

The top eight reasons are;

1. Lack of a well-developed business plan 78%
2. Not pricing properly 77%
3. Being overly optimistic – sales, money 73%
4. Not recognizing, or ignoring, what they don’t do well and not seeking help from those who do 70%
5. Ineffective prioritization 66%
6. Denying problems exist 65%
7. Minimizing the importance of marketing 64%
8. Insufficient business experience 63%

Note, not having a business plan is the single biggest reason a small business fails and it predicates all the other reasons why a business fails!

Without a strong Business Plan you (r);

1. Cannot cultivate sales
2. Cannot develop people skills
3. Small business marketing suffers
4. Cannot build valuable teams.
5. Not reaching out for help – especially business coaching

A business plan has four primary objectives:

1. describes what you do and why others will buy from you and your company.

2. identifies the markets, companies, people, etc who can buy from you and how to get in touch with them

3.Identifies the blue print to making money, where you need to spend your money (i.e., marketing, Internet, computers, fax, telephones, etc)

4. Identifies weaknesses where you should be looking for assistance or areas to you need to attend to

A business plan is essential. Would you build a house with blueprints, or row a boat without oars? So why would you start or run a business without a plan?
The bizarre element is that if you don’t know how to do a business plan you need to ask for help. Number four above, really should be number one. By addressing your weaknesses you are able to identify the areas where you need to ask for help.

A business plan, can vary in length depending on your main objective. It will be more in depth if you are seeking venture capitalists or angels. 

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