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Published Author of The Number 1 Business Book

Chris Marcelle, BS, MBA

  • A Master in Business and Personal Development
  • MBA
  • BS in Psychology
  • Serial Entrepreneur since 1991
  • Commercial Real Estate Broker 2000
  • Certified as a Passion Test Facilitator
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Hypno Therapist

Business Development and Planning

Entrepreneur Events

Speaker~ Promoter Services

Training; Real Estate Investing and BusinessTraining

  • Chris works with all size groups, individuals,face to face and online.
  • Chris is a Master at the Art of Helping in the areas of (Strategizing)
  •  Relationship Building (business and personal),
  • Business Planning and Development,
  • Master at creating Clarity in both Business and Personal

Chris offers various seminars including, but not limited to;

  • Decision, Choices & Opportunities, Oh My! 
  • Perseverance & Persistence
  • Values & Beliefs
  • Building Your Transformational Tribe
  • From the Mail room to the Corner Office
  • Finding your true Passions
  • Goals & Visions
  • Time Management, we all have the same 24 hours!
  • Time to Act like a CEO
  • Inside out and Outside in; Creating Synergy
  • Renew and Revitalize
  • FU is not a four letter word
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Bridging the GAP
  • 12 Steps to Success Proof Your Business

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"With her diverse background and many exceptional talents, Chris is a woman of exceptional integrity and values. Her deep commitment to service to others makes her a superior coach and motivator. When you work with Chris you know she truly cares about you and the outcome and she is committed to helping you be your best and get the best results, in whatever area she is working with you. Karen Londos, K-LO Enterprises, Inc"
Service Category: Career Coach
Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrit

Anita, Passionista, Torres, M.S., CPLP, CEC Inspiring leaders to communicate simply, engage teams powerfully, and BE leaders worth following! I met Chris at the Ft. Lauderdale Passion Test Certification Workshop in January 2012. From the moment she said "hello"....she got me with her warmth, loving heart, and genuine smile. Chris was there as a volunnteer to support the event with some amazing music and her incredible self --- committed to inspiring others to live an amazing life full of passion. July 15, 2012, Anita, Passionista, worked directly with Chris at Chris Marcelle  Patience Killen Broker at Jordan Real Estate Chris is clear, concise and knowledgeable in her presentations. Her enthusiasm and helpful reminders and suggestion moved me into the subject matter with ease. July 9, 2012, Patience worked directly with Chris at Business Network Global, LLC.

Becky Foulke

Danielle Beckmann Grom Social, Ambasador of Education Happy to report that Chris is a go-getter, very responsible and detail driven. A plus for anyone's team. April 19, 2012,

Cheri LaVigne Residential Associate at Howard Hanna Chris is a true pro! We worked together on Commercial projects and I was very confident in her abilities. I wouldn't hesitate to refer clients to her! August 24, 2011, Cheri worked directly with Chris at Real Estate Co, LLC d/b/a Broad Realty

Jack Blasy Independent Real Estate Professional  Chris is a thorough energetic manager with several years experience in real estate. August 16, 2011, Jack worked directly with Chris at Real Estate Co, LLC d/b/a Broad Realty

Albert Lynch OWNER at CREATIVE COMMERCIAL MORTGAGES I have known Chris for 7 years plus and have worked with her on numerous occasions. She always brings her A game which entails an energetic creative approach based on her experience and knowledge. Obviously I highly recommend her. Al Lynch Owner of "Creative Commercial Mortgages" August 15, 2011, albert reported to Chris at Real Estate Co, LLC d/b/a Broad Realty

Rehab. Coordinator at Circles of Care

The passion test and classes have helped empower others as well as myself to pursue dreams and build a fulfilling life. Chris is a compassionate and focused facilitator.
July 9, 2012, Becky was Chris's client.