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If you are an entrepreneur you are either;

Buying (or starting) a business,
Building a business or
Selling a Business.

How proactive are you about

Having a yearly physical?
 Seeing the Dentist?
 Seeing the Eye Doctor?
 Going to the gym?
 Eating right?

How serious are you about your Business?

 How often does your Business get a check-up?
 How often do you take stock or inventory of your business?
 Business is always in motion, which direction is yours?
 Have you heard the expression the “shoe makers’ son has no shoes?”

Does any of this hit home, or strike a cord with you?
Business Network Global is here to help you have more

$ucce$$ in your Business

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Don’t Wait!

Too often people wait until they have a heart attack, tooth ache, pain before they see a Doctor.

Preventive Medicine is the way to go.

Same with your Business,

Preventive Medicine is the best way to go.

If you are in Business or Thinking about getting into Business, Why not talk with someone who has a track record of Successful Businesses and Helping Others!

Call today and schedule an appointment, after all
Your Business is equally important as your life is, isn’t it?

Business Planning Programs

For those who really want to GROW and Achieve Success

Statistics on business coaching have proved that using a business coach can increase your profit margin by an average of 46 percent, according to a practice development company. However, further statistics reveals that 42 percent of businesses of don't use a business coach.

The pros of using business coaching often outweigh the financial con. They give a structured plan and guidance.

They also give you an outside view of how your business is running. This is something many business owners never learn and it causes them to fall behind their competition.

To get a sense of how valuable coaching is for businesses, the International Coach Federation surveyed 210 coaching clients for demographic data and feedback /opinions about the value and use of coaching. Some of the statistics on business coaching they gathered are as follows.

70% believed business coaching is "very valuable."

50% confide in their coach as much as their best friend, spouse or therapist, 12% confide in their coach more than anyone else.

Some of the outcomes were:

62.4% smarter goal-setting

60.5% more balanced life

57.1% lower stress levels

52.4% more self-confidence

43.3% improvement in quality of life

25.7% more income

It's important to note with this study that of the respondents, 197 were employed professionals. All had a formal, on-going relationship with a coach with an average duration of 9 months. Over 80% of the respondents had undergraduate degrees and over a third had Master's degrees or higher.

Business coaching isn't just for people who have no grasp on what they are doing. It's effective for anyone who wants to better manage their professional and personal life. Even those who think they have everything under control can learn something.

People don't just use business coaching to make more money as the statistics on business coaching show. They use it to improve the overall quality of their life.

They learn time management skills, stress reduction techniques, acquire financial education and more. All of which help them to improve their business.

The 42 percent who are not using the guidance of a business coach are at risk of being left behind, regardless of how proficient they are in running a business. Their competition will increase their skill level by building on their strengths and improving on their weaknesses.

Thus, while those who are without coaches may feel as though they are operating at an acceptable level, it is only a matter of time before their competition outshines them.

A 46% profit increase is nothing to laugh at. If your business is struggling it helps you to survive and if you are already doing well then you simply thrive.

The statistics on business coaching reveal that those who do use coaches do improve their chances of success in one way or another. By allowing an external perceptive in you gain the opportunity to receive guidance and advice you may not have conceived to look for.

In this every changing, increasingly challenging market, having a business coach is a worthwhile investment.

you are an owner of a business then you might be thinking of appointing a business coach for expanding your business. The industry, known as business coaching is increasing and nearly 58 percent of the businesses that have used it have experienced a huge profit. Business coaching is regarded as cost effective and the results gained by it are countless.

People might think what their business will gain by using this type of coaching. Here you will come across some of the several advantages and the areas that will be enhanced by small business coaching. Some of the areas that will be improved by small business coaching are as follows:

Rise in production

Small business coaching offers one on one business training by which one can modify a plan depending on your business type. The coaches do not offer suggestions that have been offered to other business owners. They will at first have a look at the business and then look at the areas that needs improvement. Once they identify the problematic areas they will suggest ideas that will help you attain your objectives.

Business coaching also helps in enhancing one's brainstorming abilities. Most of the business owners do not have this ability. This ability is regarded to be vital as it helps in realizing how to sell the service or product. Most of the business owners notice this as a major benefit. If you have proper brainstorming ability, you can do marketing yourself for increasing the sales.

If it has been a while you have been engaged in your business, you will notice that you start losing interest in it. Your mind starts getting attracted towards other things which in turn affects your business. By hiring a small business coach you will regain your lost focus and at the same time will also learn to remain dedicated till you attain success. Every one of us knows that owning a business is not so easy. It needs effort to achieve success.

Business coaching is regarded as a lifetime investment if you dedicate yourself to attain success. One can make things much simpler and easier with business coaching. By hiring an experienced business coach, there is no need to spend weeks or hours to make a business plan. Business coaches know the things that will work and which will not. So, if you want to gain success in your business, hire an experienced business coach today.

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