Do you ever feel Challenged or Overwhelmed?

What is the missing ingredient in people’s lives?

 Authors of The Passion Test, Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, claim it is Passion—the joy of connecting with the type of work or interest they love the most. And they believe your life will change when you get crystal clarity about your passions and discover how to live from them.

It has for me!

Also are you familiar with the book the Secret? This evolved as a result of the Passion Test.

Jack Canfield was able to start his

Transformational Leadership Council

as a result of taking the Passion Test!

For a Great introduction into the Passion Test

Attend, or Host a Three Hour Passions and Priorities Workshop

You and your colleagues will discover;

  • Clarity or your top five passions or areas of importance
  • Learn and provide markers or evidence in your life of what living a passionate life looks like for YOU
  • Learn a prioritization tool that can be used for the rest of your life
  • Get energized and inspired about your work and life
  • Learn how to monetize your passions
  • Get support for creating and living your own passion filled life
The End Result, More Productivity, More Clarity, More Money!

 “When you are aligned with your deepest passions, the ups and downs of life won’t be able to throw you off track.”

~Janet Attwood, Co-Author of The Passion Test

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When you are clear and only to the extent that you are clear, what you want will show up! 

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