I have been an Entrepreneur most of my life. Back in the 90’s we just said “self-employed”. I was actually forced into this position due to a few car accidents resulting in back issues (I’ve had a few back surgeries ,“3” , last one a fusion)also added to the scenario was being a single parent of two young children with very limited financial support I was forced to think outside of the box.
Actually, I have always had the drive to think outside the box. I had my first lemonade stand when I was 5, In the Summer I put on plays and shows in our back yard, sold my ‘art work’ to neighbors and relatives and went to work at 14 in the local grocery store.
While I was raising my kids, predominately as a single parent, I went to college part time and after eight years I earned a BS in Psychology.
I have been licensed in Real Estate since 1972, with a stronger emphasis from 1985 in Residential Real Estate and from 2000 I moved toward Commercial with achieving certifications in Financial and Marketing Analysis. I was/am a Business Broker; Involved in the selling and assisting the purchases of businesses. Owned and operated many brick and mortar businesses and flipped a lot of properties. Today I am still licensed have one agent and work only with serious buyers and sellers.
I have been Ballroom dancing for20 years and teaching and djing Ballroom, Latin & swing for 18 years. (This is how I met my husband 17 years ago)
My first encounter with Relationship Marketing was in 1978 with Tupperware. This fit great into my lifestyle. I had 2 babies and wanted to get out of the house!
Fast forward to the 90’s, Enrich International, all natural herbs, (merged with Rexall and became Unicity). Around the time they took ephedra off the market the telephone companies de regulated and I bought into a long distance co and sold long distance, frame relay, calling cards, until my second back surgery and my business partner took off with the money and clients!
Next venture was Noni Juice, this is actual what got me dancing!
I started dancing, doing Real Estate and Marketing the Downtown Melbourne Area. I was on the redevelopment committee. I sold many buildings downtown, over 3 million in sales in 6 months; Flat Iron, Quads next to Post Office, Office/mix use next to post office, and a few quads around the downtown area. I opened my Real Estate office Downtown, Broad Realty and incorporated it with a retail store, “Articles Past and Present” and in the back I opened “Center of Dance”. On opening day of my dance studio the owner decided to do major renovation upstairs and all the raw sewerage came down and destroyed my dance floor!
The dancing took lead and took me to South Florida where I partnered to opened a 40,000 sq. foot party center, (lost $28,000). I did meet the love of my life and together we renovated a 5,000 square foot Baptist Church into an Art Deco Ballroom. After investing $25,000 our landlord sold our building, which was set up to be demolished to rebuild multi-family.
Fortunately, we did flip a commercial property with no money down and had an 85% return, which carried us for a while.
I/we moved back to the Melbourne area after my brief stint down south and continued working in Real Estate and Dancing. When the market shifted, I went back to school and earned a MBA in 15 months with honors.
When it came time to look for work with my degree, I found it quite challenging to get hired in Corporate America. I was told being self-employed all those years was not a good thing! Through the recession I was able to gain part time work at Circles of Care as an Intake Specialist and an Addictions Counselor. I loved both, by my ethics and values took me out after three years.
Anyhow where I am today;
I am still self-employed, a serial Entrepreneur they call it today. I am looking for assistance in Marketing ME!
I believe I have come full cycle; I have been drawn to alternative health as early as 16, studied herbal ology, iridology, and kinesiology in my 30’s and here I am again, (twice that!) back into the nutraceuticals. Finding Liquid Bio Cell has afforded both of us the opportunity to continue with our passion for Dance and added some supplemental residual income, which will be great for our ‘senor years’.
In the last three years I have studied and received my certifications in hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programing, and certification as a Passion Test facilitator.
Today I am looking to help the young entrepreneur make better decisions, and help those looking to make a career change with their decisions.
I use all of my skills, life experience and tools to accomplish this.
One of the tools I am extremely proud of is my book, “Number One Business Book” which is a manual.
This book is in the process of being re-edited to become four- year curriculum in a magnet school in Miami, and we are looking at editing it to go to Cuba. (This is very exciting)
This letter is to help me Market Me.
I am looking for clients who are;
• just starting out in the business world,
• making a career (or life) change,
• smoking cessation, weight release
• stuck in personal or business,
• looking to start a business,
• serious Real Estate Investor or purchaser
I have available for sale;
• My Book through Amazon and Barnes and Noble “TheEntrepreneur's Secret to Success” and the original, unedited version can be viewed at www.numberonebusinessbook.com
• Ballroom Dance Videos on line at www.spacecoastdance.net

I still have my love of my life, dance partner and business partner. He is the wind beneath my wings, my “million dollars”. His background is 58 years as a Floral Designer, owner of two Flower and Gift Shops and Dance Instructor and his work opportunities are somewhat specific and limited).
If you know anyone who can use my (our) services I (we) would greatly appreciate the referrals.

With my diverse background I am able to take you where you want to go in record speed.
I have been self-employed most of my life (well over thirty years) without any "financial support" from others. 

I have much to offer and am passionate about helping others.
I would love the opportunity to chat with you.

If any of my website resonates with you, please call me I would love to get to know you.


Chris Marcelle, MBA