Overwhelmed with juggling? Some of the easiest steps is to write down what you need to do. Cross off the items as you complete them. Others benefit greatly from using a  day planner. Print out a weekly or daily calendar, stay in the moment, or the day.

If you are self employed, remember to block out 2 days a week as "Off" and take the time OFF! This will help you to recharge and be ready to handle anything that comes your way.

Another great suggestion is to block off time periods in small increments, be it 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc... Set a timer and when you are finished with this project move on to the next. Get up and walk around.

Don't forget to reward yourself for your accomplishments. Remember you are responsible for your own recognition!

Juggling work, kids, friends, family?

Planning your week in advance also helps with the day planner (but write it in pencil as things change!)

Be open to change. Change is good!

Time Management is covered in depth in the Number 1 Business Book

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